E Readers Versus Book’s

Published September 25, 2012 by amethystdragon64

I am an avid reader and have read voraciously since I was a little girl. My mum was the same, she wrote poems and had a couple published, and my maternal grandfather was an accomplished author with his books published around the world. He is mostly known for his book One of The Damned: The Life and Times of Robert Tressell. So, you can easily see where I got my love of books from.

When E Readers first started appearing , I was one of the ones who said I would never own one as I prefer ‘real’ books. So you can imagine my surprise when my partner bought me a Sony PRS-05 one Christmas!

After a while, I really got into using it. My only grouch was the price of the books on Waterstones. The e-books were priced the same as paper books and I did not buy that many as I was much happier going to my local supermarket and buying cut priced books as well as using my local library.

A couple of years down the line and The Kindle hit the UK Market and  my partner brought me one  for Christmas. I have to say, now, I can not imagine ever, not owning one. Should I be honest and say I am addicted to it?


So, there you have it, a person who still loves ‘real’ books addicted to my lovely Kindle! But my one person debate does not end here dear reader, I still read paper books too!


The above is my current read, lent to me by a friend who bought it from a second hand paper book shop, and printed in 1995!  It is being held together by masking tape, and has been read, abused and fallen into disrepair by how many owners and readers? It smells lovely, musky and is very yellowed, but it does not put me off reading it. I would never want to be a part of the ‘ read a book once and throw it away brigade’, oh no, certainly not!

I live in a small two bedroomed house and I only have room for so many books. I have a large bookcase full of books and books in boxes under the bed! So, this is how I get pleasure out of my two e-readers and ‘real’ books:

I use my Sony for downloading e-books from my local library as our libraries do not support the Kindle device yet here in the UK.

I buy lots of books on my Kindle as they are cheap not to mention the abundance of freebies that are available. Another upside is I have found lots of  self published authors whose books are very good and I have enjoyed immensely, along with some books that have been awful, but then that’s no different with ‘real’ books as I have read some awful ones over the years.

I still buy ‘real’ books and use my local library too. The ‘real’ books I like to buy are normally fantasy books and all other books are either bought on the Kindle or borrowed from the library or friends.

E-books are fabulous in the sense that they do not take up storage space and allow me to put as many books on them to my hearts content.

I may not have an eloquent way with words, but I certainly can read them and it gives me so much enjoyment.

I have one last thing to say to people who do not enjoy books:


One comment on “E Readers Versus Book’s

  • I can still remember you face when you opened the Sony and the Kindle. I have admit I have used the your Sony and your Kindle a couple of times and I prefer the Kindle over the Sony 1 its lighter, 2 its display is more vivid.

    Prefer it to a real book I would have to say yes and the main reason we are running out of room for the real books darling lol xxx

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